We will maximize the potential of each of our students by creating a safe, positive environment where teens can gather, build camaraderie, and spend quality time together interacting face-to-face.

As they learn about and experience a subject that they are passionate about, they can better relate to one another with genuine enthusiasm and interest. This can bring about a more confident and engaged individual who can successfully contribute to the well-being of their communities. Group interaction can serve as a powerful catalyst to healing our society.

We believe that empowering young people in a loving and caring environment will be an invaluable resource in making the necessary changes to the world at large.

The Workshops

Love, Peace and Makeup offers youth workshops as a forum to learn and develop personal grooming habits and positive self-esteem by teaching and offering the following curriculum:

  • Makeup application, technique, and product suggestions
  • Caring for products, brushes, and tools in a safe and sanitary way
  • Basic skincare and hygiene
  • Tattoo and piercing risks and safety
  • Being a smart and savvy consumer in the beauty marketplace
  • How photo editing is used in the beauty industry
  • The signs of bullying
  • Tools to protect safety and online security
  • Staying healthy, positive body image, and attitude
  • Social interaction and interpersonal communication skills
  • A safe environment for freedom of expression
  • Becoming a positive¬†community¬†ambassador
  • Personal responsibility and empowerment