Who We Are

Love, Peace and Makeup is a not-for-profit program designed to bring young people together in a fun, professional workshop environment to teach them about cosmetics and skincare. Using these playful platforms, they will experience an original, creative outlet while also having the opportunity to be with their peers in a welcoming, kind, enthusiastic, and positive atmosphere. Along with being shown how to enhance their natural outer appearance, they will also learn techniques to develop their inner beauty, which will aid to create more poised, empowered, and proactive individuals.

Our workshops are forums where the opportunity to exchange dialogue about challenging subjects they are faced with today, such as eating disorders, self esteem issues, self harm, and unrealistic body images. Simply explained, we want to provide the opportunity for teens easily interact in a safe, peer-to-peer environment about real issues that affect their everyday lives. In these current times, such platforms are unique and scarce for our youth.

The classes will also provide an environment in which past experiences, stigmas, and labels will not interfere with the ability to create and maintain new and lasting friendships. Equality, acceptance, and love. They will have access to an encouraging website that will include areas for them to express their thoughts and feelings, and to show support for one another. They will also find the most up-to-date, national, and local anti-bullying websites, and other helpful resources appropriate for their audience.

Meet the Team