What is Love, Peace and Makeup?
Love, Peace and Makeup is a not-for-profit program dedicated to empowering attendees by teaching them self-confidence through fun, interactive makeup and grooming workshops.

Who founded Love, Peace and Makeup?
Love, Peace and Makeup was founded by Wendy Fukushima, an accomplished Hollywood makeup artist.

What is taught in the workshops?
We teach makeup application and techniques, skincare basics, grooming, communication skills, product care, how to be a smart consumer, and much more! We also provide a safe environment where social interaction and acceptance is encouraged.

How much do the workshops cost?
Love, Peace and Makeup offers its youth workshops at no cost.

Where are the workshops located?
Our workshops are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specific locations will be announced along with the workshops.

When are the workshops held?
We are currently scheduling our upcoming workshops and will be adding a complete list soon. While you wait, let us know if you are interested in attending. Please refer to the bottom left of the home page for a calendar of future scheduled events.