Kindness in Action

“The first time I realized my best friend was cutting herself and not eating I was shocked and heartbroken. I first I tried to look up any information on the internet I could find, but realized she didn’t want any help from me. But since I was her best friend I couldn’t just sit back and watch her get worse everyday. Even though I couldn’t handle the situation by myself I realized the best thing I could do is to be there for her without having to know how to fix the problem. I asked my mom how we could get her help and we were able to help her get it. ”
Sarah, age 16

My best friend was feeling really down the other day. I could tell her confidence was really down because she asked a boy to a dance and he said he was going with someone else which she knows for a fact wasn’t the truth. I told her that if he felt he needed to lie to get out of the situation, he was not worth her tears. I told her how pretty she was and how kind she always is and that there were plenty of others that would be lucky to have been asked by her.
– Kate, age 14

Yesterday at school I saw an group of kids being kind, a student was walking through the hall and dropped her binders and notebooks all over the floor. Instead of people laughing at her and moving around her, they all stopped and helped her gather her belongings.
Anna, age 10

Yesterday I was standing in line in the supermarket checkout. It was a long line. I looked behind me and noticed an elderly woman who looked exhausted. I said to her, “Oh, you’ve been waiting a long time. Why don’t you go in front of me?” Her eyes lit up. “How did you guess my feet were hurting?” she said. It’s sometimes easier to be kind to strangers than to one’s own partner. Do you find that too? Perhaps we take the person closest to us for granted.
– Aubrey, age 15