“I attended your workshop last weekend and I have to tell you how I have been feeling ever since. BETTER! I’ve been walking with my head up, looking people in the eyes, excited to talk to them and tell them how good I’m feeling ..what a change.  The information that you shared with me and the level of comfort I felt in your workshop really made me want to listen and HEAR what you were saying. I’m going to tell all my friends about it and I hope that they, as well as many others, will take advantage of the workshop…it’s changed my life! Thank you.”
Suzie, age 15

“Thank you so much for creating these workshops! Since going to them, I’ve picked up painting and I’ve channeled my energy into that and I’m so much calmer and happier. Thank you Wendy!”
Amanda, age 14

“I’m so appreciative that you not only did remarkable work with my make-up, but also that you helped me feel beautiful, calm, and supported. Best of luck in the future. ”
Karen, age 39

“I had such a great time doing makeup and talking with my new friends at Love, Peace & Makeup. I can’t wait to go back!”
Dana, age 13

“I cannot thank you enough for helping my little Suzie grow into her own skin and gain confidence in herself. She loves herself and I’m so happy to see her blossoming, thank to you!”
Karin, age 50

“Thank you for helping me feel better about myself and look better, too!”
Sally, age 14

“I wanted to take some time out to personally thank you for your wonderful workshops. You far exceeded my expectations. I felt like a beautiful princess with your help. My girls just fell in love with the classes and you just wouldn’t believe how many compliments they got. I will highly recommend you to everyone I know! ”
Michelle, age 43

“Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. My daughter is so happy and carefree now that she’s attended your workshops. She seemed really sad and self-conscious before, but now she can’t stop talking! Again, thank you for everything!”
Cindy, age 101