Each young man needs to know the basics of how to dress professionally, act on a social level and how to treat a partner. Don’t know how to tie a tie? Don’t know which tie knot suits you and your outfits?┬áDon’t know how to take care of your necktie properly? Don’t know how to choose and buy a good necktie? Here you will find the answer to these questions. Below are detailed instructions on tying a tie.

Comparing the Most Commonly Used Necktie Knots

Today, four necktie knots are in widespread use. They are the four-in-hand knot, the half-Windsor knot, the Windsor knot and the Pratt knot. The first three are classic necktie knots that have been used for a long time. The Pratt knot is a more recent necktie knot that was introduced to the public in 1989.

Below shows a comparison table of the four necktie knots, together with the bow tie. It helps you find the answer to the first question that may come up in your mind — Which necktie knots do I need? Click the links on the left to see the instructions on tying a certain knot.

Necktie Knot Advantage Disadvantage Suitable Outfits / Occasions
Four-in-hand Knot It is the easiest to learn among the four most commonly used necktie knots. It is asymmetric, which does not look good on wide collar shirts. It is a small tie knot that suits shirts with a narrow collar opening.It is suitable for most occasions.
Half-Windsor Knot
(Way 1)
(Way 2)
(To save time, learn either way 1 or way 2.)
It is symmetric.More business like than the four-in-hand knot. It is a little bit more difficult to tie than the four-in-hand knot. It is suitable for most occasions.
Windsor Knot
(Way 1)
(Way 2)
(Way 3)
(Way 4)
(To save time, learn either way 1 or way 2.)
It is symmetric.It gives a sense of nobility.It is a large necktie knot that looks elegant on wide collar shirts. If you use a tie made of thick materials, the resulting knot will be too large.It is not suitable for narrow collar shirts. It suits shirts with a wide collar opening.It looks fabulous in business and political occasions.
Pratt Knot It is a symmetric necktie knot with an average size (sits between the four-in-hand knot and the half-Windsor knot). It does not look too wide or too narrow.It looks neat. The back of the narrow end of the necktie faces up, which does not look good if it is not well hidden behind the wide end. It is suitable for most shirts and occasions.
Bow Tie It looks more formal.It gives a superior appearance. It is more difficult to tie a bow tie than a long necktie. More practices are needed to get a proper shape. It is suitable for formal or high-class occasions such as weddings, balls, etc.


Source: To Tie a Tie

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